".. strongly recommend any high growth technology organization to lean heavily on the resource and experience of Erik"

—Joel Luxenberg, CEO, DeepCurrent

"Erik has an innate sense to ask the right questions at the right time to unlock my growth as a leader"

—Chris Burdick, Engineering Mgr, Riot Games

"Erik is a rare find with excellence across Technology, Operations  & Financial pillars. His work with Balancestreet was crucial to accelerate our launch, and formulate our partnership strategy

—Johnny Simon, CEO & Founder, Balancestreet

“Mr. Erik Kellener is a true asset. While working with him at LuxuryLink.com, Mr. Erik Kellener is a true asset. I would put my stamp on his work ethic, character, knowledge and leadership. LuxuryLink.com”

—Frank Brenes, Account Executive, Luxury Link

"Erik is an amazing Engineering VP and CTO who understands both the technical and business implications of new product launches. He demonstrated his depth of technical knowledge in the Web and mobile arenas by providing relevant and focused feedback at product review meetings. He was also widely respected by the Engineering team, maintaining team morale in the midst of multiple, competing priorities. Erik successfully bridged the gap between the Product and Engineering teams with his impeccable diplomacy and communication skills and will be an asset to any organization he leads."

—Jing-Chyi Chao, Sr. Product Mgr., Evite

Erik Kellener is an innovator with a gift for providing tailor-made solutions to technology challenges. During my three years under his leadership, I watched him convert Luxury Link's unstable and outdated web and database infrastructure into a robust, enterprise-class system. Erik began his tenure at Luxury Link by observing and inquiring of the execs, managers and techies what was most needed and what we would like to see in Luxury Link's technology. My first request was to implement some sort of source code control. Within a month we were using CVS to control our web content in a manner that fit the company's development model comfortably. Erik's implementation was thoughtful and well-planned. It immediatley brought order to a chaotic development environment using existing open-source technology that was painless to adopt inside our Linux infrastructure. Seemingly everything that was "broken" got updated or replaced, including a massive redesign of the web site, driven by Erik, that took a solid year from design to launch and that went off without a hitch (zero downtime), receiving rave reviews from Luxury Link's demanding user base. Erik is a great listener and researcher. He always knows "what's hot" in the tech world and his natural curiosity lends itself to new ideas. He has a true "hands on" development style and definitely knows his operating systems, languages and platforms. Any company would benefit from Erik's knowledge and experience in the technology field. It was a genuine privilege to work with him.”

—James Mcgowan, Sr. Systems Administrator, Luxury Link

“Erik Kellener is an excellent mentor and empowers his team and colleagues through knowledge, efficiency and execution. He is passionate and dedicated in his leadership, and has the rare ability to bridge the gap between technology and business owners- from project scope through implementation. Erik is truly an asset to any organization he works with.”

—Branden Dyke, Manager Quality Assurance, Evite

"Erik brings technial insight evenly balanced with business acumen to mitra IT's BoD. He has always provided what in hindsight has consistently proved to be the best advice on technologies for us to pursue and develop internally for our customers."

—Kaustav Mitra, CEO, Mitra IT

“Erik is one of the best managers I've worked with. Not only that he's smart technically, he's also a brilliant manager. He can explain the most technical and complicated stuff in a manner that you will understand it clearly. He stays late and help the team debug, even though he doesn't have to. I highly recommend Erik.” “

—Allan Lim, Sr. Engineer, Evite

“Erik has a steady hand on implementing large technology projects. He absorbs, filters, and successfully navigates the mind bending challenges that these types of transitions kick off with his broad based intelligence and deep experience. He is an strong leader that guides by listening, supporting, and rallying both his internal team and external partners. It was my personal pleasure to work side by side with Erik and I would gladly do so in future.”  

—Khris Loux, CEO, Echo

"Erik was a deep thinker and designed and developed many of our core systems and practices in the nascent period of Warner Bros. Online. His deep architectural knowledge combined with an innate ability for complete design and implementable code helped accelerate our growth in those early years. I look forward to working with Erik again."

—Robert Gonsalves, Director of Production, Warner Bros. Online

“I worked with Erik to redesign the LuxuryLink.com website using a variety of web technologies over the course of 6 months. He has an excellent breadth of technical knowledge that he applies to the day-to-day challenges of technologies for organizations. During our work together I was impressed with his ability to stay on top of many different initiatives at the same time, providing relevant advice and direction in addition to working with other executive management. As an individual Erik is personable, sincere, an excellent mentor and knows how to drive projects and initiatives to completion. I highly recommend him as a CTO.”

—Loren Donelson, Sr. Engineering Consultant, Luxury Link

“Erik is a very strong leader who excels in dealing with obstacles, able to rally teams of developers (or in many cases the whole company) to band together and achieve big goals. He has great operational and infrastructure knowledge which helps him excel in his technical roles, but also has excellent motivational style and knows the right ways to empower developers to do more while enjoying their work. As his PM, I took a lot of guidance from Erik and felt he inspired me (by example) to "go the extra mile"

—Jeffrey Rosenberg, Sr. Tech. Project Mgr., Evite

“Erik's a terrific leader who exudes qualities of expertise, professionalism, strength, team work, compassion and enthusiasm. His ability in bridging complex business models into simple and workable technical solutions helps him excel at his roles, both as a technologist and a business owner. Erik's an invaluable asset to any organization and it is my privilege to work for him.”  

—Krishna Vemuri, Mgr. Core Engineering, Evite

“Erik was and is a thought leader, able to marry both technology and business to create effective and efficient business-enhancing solutions. Not only did he have the vision to bring concepts and ideas to usable software, he also had the foresight to consider and address potential operational needs to further increase the ROI on any software project. I miss working for and with him. Above all else, he was the consummate professional and team player.”  

—Michael Melo, Sr. Systems Manager, Warner Bros. Online

“It is an amazing opportunity to be able to work for Erik. Knowledge and exposure to the latest technology comes naturally while working for/with him. I learned he has an amazing ability to take up the most challenging and complex tasks; bring in the latest and greatest in the technology and match it up with his energy and self devotion to have them completed. Erik leads us by example. It is challenging and fulfilling to work for him”

—Sameer Malik Zai, Mgr. Database and Systems, Evite