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Interim Leadership

Organizational Planning

Board Member / Advisor


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Business Tools & Assessments

Business & Financial Modeling

Business Plan Assessment

Product Strategy Assessment

Competitive Product Assessment

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IT Audits & Analytics

Business Intelligence Review

Application/Platform Audits

Team / Resources Audits

Infrastructure Audits


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Team Building & Planning      [top]


    •  Mentoring
      • Strengthen managers’ and leaders’ roles through continuous feedback loops and problem solving sessions.
      • Support leadership with proven tools and processes.
    • Interim Leadership
      • Ensure consistency and stability for both team and team interfaces during transitional periods.
      • Provide clear paths to succession planning and its implementation.
    • Organizational Planning
      • Guide strategies in human capital.
      • Define growth & trajectory patterns for staffing needs that align with business strategy.
    • Board Member/Advisor
      • Offer deep experience with a strong network and wide breadth of industry experience.


Business Tools & Assessments     [top]


    • Business & Financial Modeling
      • Build and refine financial and organizational forecasts, adding insight and revealing operational dependencies both within and across the business lines.
      • Provide predictable growth and performance through adjusting model assumptions.
    • Business Plan Assessment
      • Validate product/market fit & rollout feasibility to support investment and operations strategies.
      • Validate company/market fit and time to market assumptions and costs, to support investment and operations strategies.
      • Calibrate revenue and operational assumptions.
      • Enhance the plan’s communication by refining content and messaging.
    • Product Strategy Assessment
      • Substantiate claims around market factors, potential revenues and costs, competitors, differentiators, and launch (upgrade), then refine strategy, operations, and plans for operations and investors.
    •  Competitive Product Assessment
      • Validate product / service’s unique value compared to others in the same (or perceived) marketplace.
      • Position product / service to attract competitors’ audiences.


IT Audits & Analytics    [top]


    • Business Intelligence Review
      • Review, refine and improve visibility into an organization’s performance by establishing metrics and tracking systems that support leadership’s operations and goals.
    • Application/Platform Audits
      • Extract a platform’s clear value by objectively summarizing a system’s assets and liabilities in simple business terms used to justify ROI.
      • Identify gaps or deferred maintenance issues that may hinder the product’s or service’s ability to achieve high growth.
      • Provide solutions to close gaps or mitigate risks to known deficiencies.
    •  Team/Resource Audits
      • Review, refine and ensure that team resources, their tools & processes are positioned and optimized to support their short- and long-term business objectives.
      • Identify both quantitative and qualitative areas for improvement of output.
    • Infrastructure Audits
      • Confirm strengths and identify suspect stability and scaling issues.
      • Expose vulnerabilities related to current and future security, reliability, and performance.