Thanks for dropping by, or stumbling upon, CxO Consulting.
I’m a passionate builder.  Whether it is a team, a digital product or an online service, I find great personal reward not only in the outcome, but also in the journey of forming, architecting, and launching new value into the digital world.
My expertise is in overcoming the roadblocks that hinder a company’s ability to scale – in technology, team building, operations and market penetration –  to increase the company’s profitability and ROI.
I work closely with CEOs and their executive teams and boards to accelerate their company’s rapid growth. To do this, I sometimes need to strategically overcome the naturally occurring disconnect between business teams (e.g. Finance, Sales & Marketing) and delivery teams. And often I function as a bridge to infuse multiple groups or divisions with shared tactics to improve quality, culture, and communications, which will create the momentum for growth.
Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to work for some great online consumer brands and build out “rockstar” technology teams within organizations such as Warner Bros. , Ticketmaster & Evite.  My consultancy applies my years of  “lessons learned” in building great teams, products and services to support the company’s upward trajectory.
 As a person who finds great satisfaction in building, I find it rewarding to empower others with the strategies, tactics, tools and templates to embed in their companies to build their own success.
 If I can be of help to you in maximizing the scale, market share or ROI of your company, please contact me.